Marriotts’s takeover of Starwood Hotels & Resorts worldwide in 2015 created the largest world wide hotel group with over one million rooms. Jin Jian International has also merged with Plateno Hotel Group. These operations are more and more common in hotel industry outpasing traditional leaders, such as Intercontinental Hotels Group in this classification. Particularly in this case, IHG fell from the first to the third position during last decade .

The brand new hotel group led by Marriott is expected to manage almost 1,500,000 rooms in the near future. The world market is also characterized by the arrival of Chinese companies to this club.

They have been appearing in this list for the last few years and they have been consolidating their position due perhaps to recent changes in the Chinese economy.


Moreover, in spite of the consolidation of Spanish hotel chains in recent years, figures remain far from the top world wide macro-data:

  1. Meliá Hotels International, the first in the Spanish rank manages 82,000 rooms all over the world.
  2. 117 of the Spanish hotel chains are needed to reach 600,000 rooms.

For further information, please, check details on the tables above and below.

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